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Civil law

Our firm provides a comprehensive consultancy and representation services throughout the entire spectrum of civil law to our clients.

A significant part of our daily routine involve drawing up contracts of various kinds as well as solving problems arising from contractual relationships. We deal in both complex and simple real estate transfers (houses, flats, estates incl. mortgaged property or property in lien, and also providing financial deposits (escrow) and deposits of documents), instituting various easements and servitudes, establishing associations of unit owners and providing them with legal services. We have clients also among housing cooperatives.

We constitute artificial persons of all kinds, business corporations, associations and societies. We are one of the few firms to deal in land law, representing various different agricultural corporations.

For example, we have established the first trust in Czechia. A trust is not an artificial person (despite their similarities) and present a relatively new instutute of administering a third person's assets that emerged with the new Civil code coming into force.

We look forward to representing you in complaints regarding buildings, disputes ivolving dividing both divided an undivided co-ownership, usucaption, declaration of actions to be null and void, inheritance proceedings as well as other civil proceedigs.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any legal problem.

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